About Us


About Us 

Since 2014 Techsolution has national presence, offering Information Technologies solutions, committed with the innovation, quality and any adjustment for the company´s requirements, our culture is set by values that contributes to create a flexible, creative, implication related and teamwork.

We believe that our customers’ success is our own success, this is why we stablish strategic alliances with our customers in their IT projects development in Chile.

We have a wide experience at technical level, a young professional team, with a solid academic formation and advances technical skills who let us deliver high quality solutions to any kind of company.

Mission and vision

At Techsolution we work in order to enhance technological solutions, worrying constantly to develop knowledge who let us generate a wide solutions and services portfolio for our customers.

Our Mission is based on the productive growth of our customers, delivering tools, knowledge and Information Technology to satisfy their requirements promoting a harmonious development for our human talent. Our vision is focused to be a leader company, model at solutions and Information Technology development, solid, profitable and always evolving.

Our business values are based on a clear services principle, quality, honesty and commitment. Our corporative principles are closely related to the continuous improvement, competitiveness, teamwork, human talent commitment and the democratic participation of our human resources. Techsolution is a company focused on deliver the best service to their clients, competitive, dynamic with broad future repercussions whose mission is to do easy and natural the IT management, offering integral and interdisciplinary services to our clients.

Our services

  • IT Service: comprehensive advisory and customized solutions.
  • CCTV: We keep the most valuable for your Company.
  • Structured Cabling: voice and data integrated solutions.
  • IT Outsourcing: Outsource the IT support in Chile with customized plans.
  • Hardware & Software: Technical service, repairs and diagnosis.
  • Electrical Projects: Electrical projects execution, SEC certified technicians.
  • Web development and design: Customized web sites development in Chile.
  • Web Positioning: Organic web positioning in Chile in order to improve your rankings.
  • Remote Hands On: Assistance in intervention projects or equipment configuration.
  • Bsale partner: We offer customized solutions using Bsale.